Interiorscape Planter Selections

Features • Lightweight • Recyclable • Won’t fade or discolor Tan White Black Grey Top Dressings River Rocks Pebbles Coverage Large Pebbles Stone sizes of large PolyPebbles average 1.5 inches. Manufactured to be as light as possible for ease of use and and transportation, the larger sized PolyPebbles will not sink if submerged in water. Fre- quently used as top dressings in atriums and plant designs. Small Pebbles Sizes of small PolyPebbles average .5 inches to 1 inch.Though light- weight enough for easy transport, these stones are designed to sink in water and can be used in floral arrangements and water features. • High-Density Coverage: approx 3' x 1' per bag • Low-Density Coverage: approx 4' x 1' per bag • High-Density Coverage: approx 9 sq inches per bag • Low-Density Coverage: approx 1 sq ft per bag *Option to purchase by the case available Chalk White Charcoal Metallic Flat Rockafillers (Black) Black Obsidian River Rocks Coverage *Option to purchase by the pallet available When compared to real river rocks by weight, Rockafillers TM will cover 2.5 times more area. One cubic foot of River Rockafillers TM will cover 5-6 square feet of an area 2 inches deep.