Weatherproof Planter Selections -

Belgian finishes OUTDOOR USE INDOOR USE DRAINAGE NOT BUILT IN Architect-Designed and Meticulously Handcrafted | Made using top-quality resins and premium fiberglass, these Belgian planters offer exceptional strength, frost resistance, and impermeability without the added weight of traditional materials. Each planter boasts a tall inside rim for extra reinforcement and enhanced visual appeal, along with a raised bottom for optimal water drainage. Belgian Planters NEW CO GR WH BO PLANTER 23.6"DIAM. x 20.5"H EXT. 23.2"DIAM. x 20.5"H INT. MAX. 13" GROW POT OR.60 35.4"DIAM. x 30.7"H EXT. 35.2"DIAM. x 30.7"H INT. MAX. 18" GROW POT OR.90 LOFO PLANTER 14.6"DIAM. x 30.3"H EXT. 13.4"DIAM. x 30.3"H INT. MAX. 10" GROW POT LO.37 16.5"DIAM. x 36.2"H EXT. 15.3"DIAM. x 36.2"H INT. MAX. 12" GROW POT LO.42 19.7"DIAM. x 43.3"H EXT. 18.5"DIAM. x 43.3"H INT. MAX. 14" GROW POT LO.50